if the shoe fits / mieux chaussé

Second attempt at shoe-making for my Las Amigas dolls.  I used the Happy Bankky pattern for bow-tie sandals for general shape, but instead of making the upper in fabric, I used some fake leather, and joined on the top of the foot with a few stitches and a pretty flower to mask the join.

Deuxième tentative à fabriquer des sandales pour mes poupées Las Amigas. Toujours avec le patron de Happy Bankky comme point de départ, mais cette fois-ci avec un simili-cuir donc quelques modifications sur le dessus, et une petite fleur en plus.

And some new summery outfits / et des nouvelles tenues pour l’été.

Ava, wearing a pair of old porcelaine doll shoes, and looking lovely in her pink crocheted top (Happy Bankky pattern) and a summery skirt (just a rectangle of fabric sewn into a tube with elasticated waist).

Ava, qui porte une vieille paire de chaussures, mais toute jolie dans son haut rose (patron de Happy Bankky) et une jupe fleurie (un rectangle, cousu en tube et élastique à la taille).

Cristi in her pretty outfit (top and sandals, patterns by Happy Bankky) and second simple floral skirt.

Cristi, toute belle aussi (haut et sandales d’après les patrons de Happy Bankky) et une deuxième jupe toute simple.

I’m having so much fun with these dolls !  Next job is to make a pair of sandals in Minouche size for Ava, but her feet are a lot smaller than the Las Amigas dolls, so I need to redraft the pattern.

Je suis vraiment à fond en ce moment, avec ces poupées. Prochain projet sera se fabriquer des sandales pour Ava (Minouche). Ses pieds sont plus petits que ceux des Las Amigas, donc il faudra retravailler le patron.

7 réflexions au sujet de « if the shoe fits / mieux chaussé »

  1. These are so cute Claire, I’m seeing this crochet and fabric combination a lot recently and I really like it. Only yesterday I was looking for a pattern, so I will have a look at the patterns by the person you mention.
    I have recently customised my one and only PR doll….although will she be an ‘only PR child’ for long? They are so tempting because of their reasonable price and easy availability here in Spain. I will show my girl on a new blog post soon.
    Have a lovely weekend!


    • yes lucky you, living in Spain and home to Paola Reina dolls ^^ I’ve got my eye on a few more and am tempted to buy one with a full outfit next time, just to see what the quality of clothes & shoes is like. Have you seen PR has brought out a couple with jointed elbows & knees? Can’t wait to see your new customised one!
      I’ve just ordered a Glitter Girls doll, in the interest of science lol . . . am thinking ahead to when our English grand daughter will be old enough to play with dolls, and GG look like they could be an option.


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